When a glass ceiling breaks, there’s a window for the future

When a ceiling breaks in a glass-ceiling-lamp factory, there are often times when that factory can’t afford to keep going.

That’s the situation in the factory of Jellyfish lamp in Quebec City, Quebec.

The glass ceiling that’s been in place for the last couple of decades has shattered and is no longer being repaired.

But that’s not the only thing that’s in trouble.

“It’s been a really difficult time for us,” said David, who only wanted to give his first name.

“When we started out, the factory was just open for the whole year.

It was really nice to have the windows open, to have some light in the building.”

Jellyfish lamp is one of several in Quebec that uses glass-covered ceilings to keep workers happy and productive.

(Jill Johnston/CBC)”But when the glass ceiling broke, the glass ceilings didn’t work, so we had to make do with just one glass ceiling,” he explained.

“The windows, the curtains, the light that came in through the window, it was all pretty basic, it wasn’t too hard.

So, you know, it’s been quite a struggle.”

But the window repair company is one step closer to having the glass-carpet factory reopen.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations with the manufacturer, with the owners of the factory, and we’re just hoping to get it back up to standard,” said Rob, the Jellyfish factory manager.

“There’s a lot that needs to be done before we can actually open it up for business again.

We’re hoping to be able to get a bit of that window replacement work in place by the end of the month.”

Jellies lamp, like other glass-lit factories, is a small one that uses a single, glass-capacitor-powered lamp that can be turned on and off with a button.

“When it’s running, it creates a light that reflects off of the glass,” explained Rob.

“We also use a piece of glass as the lamp.

So you can turn the lamp on and you can change the angle of the light or you can have it turn off.”

J Jellyfish was founded in 2003 and is a privately held company, but Rob said the owners have already been talking to investors and the Quebec government about the possibility of a sale.

“They’ve said that they want to have it back on the market,” he said.

“So that would be a fantastic thing to do.”

J jellyfish is one glass-clad factory in Quebec.

Rob says the glass is no good when it’s broken.

(David Johnston/CTV)Jellyfishes glass is one component of the company’s manufacturing process.

It’s made of glass, which is heated and cured, then it’s sealed in a stainless steel frame and covered with a protective coating that can withstand up to 150,000 kilometres (93,000 miles) of exposure to sunlight.

In addition to the glass, the company sells lamps and lighting equipment that includes lights and lamps for homes and businesses.

But the glass used to cover the lamps isn’t working well, and it’s a concern for the factory.

“In the last six months, we’ve had more than 20 cases of glass breaking out, which we’ve found to be very serious,” Rob said.

“A couple of months ago we had a case where the glass had cracked open, so the ceiling of the building was totally open and it was spilling glass all over the place.

So it’s really serious when it happens, and there are a lot, many of us, who are very much concerned about the safety of our employees, and of course of course our customers.”

While Rob said he doesn’t want to get into the specifics of the situation, he’s confident the factory will be back to normal in the coming weeks.

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