A ‘hot desk lamp’ could revolutionize the way we work

The idea of having a lamp that heats up and burns off your desk while you work may seem outlandish.

But it’s something that could soon become a reality with the introduction of a prototype heat lamp that uses liquid electrolysis.

Polygon asked several different people how they envisioned a lamp similar to the Philips Hue, but the answer seemed to be the same.

“I’d love to see it become something that can be easily plugged in and uses liquid chemistry,” said one of the designers, “and I think that’s something we could make happen.”

The company is building a prototype of its heat lamp, and it uses an electrolyzer that converts the electricity from a standard lightbulb into a battery.

The battery would also be able to be recharged, which would allow users to stay up all night without having to switch to another lightbulbs.

The company has been developing its heat lamps for a few years, but its technology is still in its prototype stage.

The company’s patent filing for the prototype, which has not yet been published, describes a light bulb that emits an alternating current that heats water to a temperature that heats it to a higher temperature.

The design has some interesting properties, according to the company.

The energy that heats the water to the desired temperature is stored in the liquid electrolyte that the heat lamp generates.

When the water reaches a certain temperature, the heat will flow through the electrolyte, and the water will eventually vaporize into steam.

The liquid electrolytes liquid electrolyses are not water.

They’re more like super-conductors.

In a vacuum, they would only conduct electricity, but in a liquid electrolytic process, they can generate heat.

The prototype, made of aluminum and copper, could be powered by a standard laptop battery, or it could be an inexpensive power source like a car battery or a battery pack for your home computer.

Polygon asked whether it would be possible to manufacture a device like this for use in the real world.

The team is currently working on a prototype, but it could take a year or two before it’s ready to show to the world.

“It’s been hard to get into this industry, but this is definitely a great opportunity,” said the company’s product development manager, Daniel Vollrath.

“The technology has been very mature and we’re very excited to see this technology evolve.”

Polygon’s video about the company is below.

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