Why are people buying these amazing lamps?

The first-ever electric lamp has been revealed and it has everything you could ever want in a lamp: It’s got the right amount of light, it’s got a range, it can be set to go into a low-light state, it has an LED light, and it can go into one of three modes.

The lamps are designed to take a standard light bulb and turn it into an electric lamp.

And the results are pretty cool.

There are two kinds of lamp: a high-performance version that will go from 10 to 20 per cent brighter, and a lower-performance model that will only go up to 5 per cent.

These are the two kinds that are currently being used in petrol lamps.

But a new company called Lumens, which sells lamps made from the high-efficiency, higher-priced lamps, are also developing a low, low-power version of the low-performance lamp.

The idea is that you can make a low energy lamp that can do the job of a high performance lamp, but with a higher efficiency.

It’s a new kind of lamp that’s not a replacement for a high end lamp.

Pixar is one of the few big manufacturers in Australia that is selling its electric lamps at $1,500 a pop, and they’re doing a lot of great work with low-priced, high-quality lamps that are a good fit for this market.

So, what’s happening is they’re looking at some new lamps that offer some more performance.

What I’m going to be discussing in the next episode is the new Lumens lamp.

It has a range of around 300 lumens.

This is a very high-performing lamp.

I’ll be showing you a clip of the video, which is a video showing a high level of performance, and you can see the video of the lamp running in low light, going into a full mode, and then being turned into an LED, which lights up in a low light state.

But it’s also a high energy lamp.

So it’s really good for high-intensity applications.

Now Lumens is an Australian company, so the Lumens lamps have been made in the Australian manufacturing system, so they’ve got their own assembly lines.

The first of the Lumen lamps, the T3, is an LED lamp, so you have the LEDs.

And it has a 10 per cent energy-saving mode.

So what that means is that if you want to have a low intensity, low energy light, you’re going to need to have either an old low-energy lamp or you’re not going to have the proper power supply to operate the lamp, which means you’re getting the low light that’s coming out of the device.

So Lumens has got a 10-litre T3 that is rated at 500 lumens and has a full-brightness mode.

It is very low-cost and very easy to install.

And you can use the same lamp as you would a petrol lamp.

There’s also an L3 model that has a 20 per per cent performance mode, so it has that LED light.

Then there’s the L4 lamp that is a 12 per cent efficiency lamp, and has the same LED light as the T4, but the LED light is less efficient, so that’s the 12 per percent mode.

So you can have a higher performance lamp that has higher energy-efficiency.

And there are the T6 lamps, which have the same performance as the L3, but it has the LED lighting.

So the energy-efficient mode of the T5 lamp is about 3 per cent, which makes it a good lamp for low-intensity, low intensity applications.

So there’s a lot to like about this lamp.

If you’ve got a couple of low-efficiency lamps and you need some high-end lighting, you can do that with this lamp, too.

The T6 is available at $3,000, but Lumens says you can get them for about $1.40 a pop.

You might think that a high efficiency lamp is a lot more expensive than a high power lamp, right?

You’d think that you could just get a high output, high efficiency high performance light, right, and that it’d be worth the price of admission.

Well, that’s wrong.

For the next video, we’re going into some very specific technical terms, but you can find out more about Lumens’ lamp here: Polaris T4: The new lamp from Lumens.

Lumen T5: The same lamp from T5.

We want to hear from you.

Do you have an electric vehicle or a petrol vehicle?


Do you know any petrol stations in Australia?


How many people drive petrol?

About 10,000 per annum.

Where do you buy your lamps?

They’re sold in

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