Tiffany lamp gets a new design, more features, for 2017

Tiffany, the world’s most expensive brand, announced today that it has added more lighting options to its black floor lamps.

The new range includes more sophisticated designs for both the front and back of the lamps, as well as a range of innovative features such as the option of making the lights more efficient and the ability to use more light.

These new lamps, called “Black Lotus” lamps, will come in three different styles and will cost $1,699 for a 12-pack, $1 to $2,399 for a 24-pack and $1.99 for a 60-pack.

They also come in different colors including black, white, brown, orange, grey, light blue, green and pink.

Tiffany’s new range will come with all the bells and whistles that its flagship brand offers.

There’s a full range of bulbs, a built-in light sensor and more, including a light switch, a backlit display, a dedicated rechargeable battery and a rechargeable memory card slot.

These include the new T-shaped “Catch Light” LED lights that Tiffany unveiled in April, and new TLC (total cost of ownership) LED bulbs that are now available for the first time.

Tiffin also announced the introduction of the T-shape LED lights, which are not part of the new range.

The brand is also rolling out the new, more-expensive T-LED lights, the new $1/hour T-light and the new 12-hour TLC LED bulbs.

The brand says these new bulbs will last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Tillerson says these LED lights will have a lifespan of up to 20 years, which is also a big improvement from the new 6-hour light, which was released in 2017.

Tick tockTiffons new black floor lamp, which costs $1.,499, is more expensive than its predecessor, the $1-1,499 Tiffany floor lamp.

It’s also slightly less powerful than the $3.99 Tiffany lamp that debuted in May.

Tuff, the luxury brand that’s best known for its black ceiling lamps, is introducing its newest model in a range called “Coral Reef,” which costs just $2.99, or $1 more than its $1/$1.79 predecessor.

It comes in two different designs, which come in four different colors: black, red, yellow and green.

The Coral Reef lamps will be available in the U.S. from August.

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