The best of IGN’s 2018 reviews

IGN’s 2017 review of the PS4 Pro is one of the most anticipated games of 2018, and this year we had a chance to sit down with the team at the studio and get their take on the console.

IGN has put together a comprehensive look at the PS6 Pro and its hardware to bring you the best content from the industry.

The PS6 is a big step forward for the PlayStation, but is it the end of the line?

IGN’s interview with Sony’s Phil Spencer follows to find out.

Phil Spencer, Sony’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios and Worldwide Publishing, speaks about the PS 6 Pro and the evolution of the PlayStation platform.

We also discuss how Sony is positioning the PS5 Pro as a “home console,” and how the PS7 Pro could usher in a new era of high-end gaming.

What’s new with the PS 7 Pro?

The PS 7 is the most powerful console we’ve ever built, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.

It has the same advanced processing power, and it has the capabilities of next-gen gaming.

But does it still need to be upgraded?

We have to be careful about upgrading the PS S and PS X, because they’re still extremely powerful.

We’re building PS 7 as a home console, and the hardware’s going to evolve as the platform evolves.

But there’s no reason to think that it’s going away in the next few years.

It’s going through a lot of changes, but we want to make sure that the experience of playing PS7 games is as good as it can be.

We’re not talking about “the best console ever.”

It’s not.

But we want the best experience possible.

You’re getting better every year, but the PSX is still incredibly powerful.

That’s a good thing, and a lot more powerful than the PSS ever was.

We want to give that to you, so we can deliver on that promise.

What does the PS10 mean for gamers?

The PlayStation 10 is going to be a new console, a new version of the hardware that we’re building.

But it’s not going to change the core gameplay experience.

That means you’ll be able to play PS10 games on PS7 and PSX and PS10.

It means that you can have the same experiences that you have on PS6 and PS5 and PS4 and PS3 and PS2.

The new PS10 is a full 1080p experience, and that’s going be the experience you’re going to have on the PS9.

We’ll continue to support the PS1 games on the original PS10, and there are a lot other games that you’re gonna get, too.

You can play them on the old PS10 with a PS1 controller.

There are even new games that we think will be great, too, like Uncharted 4.

The PS1 and PS1 Pro will still be able do those things, but they’re going into the new PS 10.

Will there be a console with a “dual” or “one-to-one” connection?


We think that’s a great idea.

I don’t know if we’ll see it on the next console, but I think we’ll definitely see it there.

We really want to do it, because you’ll see some interesting things come from it.

It’ll be a much more connected experience.

What will that be like?

It will be more connected than anything you’ve ever played.

There will be some interesting games that don’t require you to have two systems connected.

You’ll have the ability to play the same game on the PlayStation 2 or the PS3 or the Xbox One, and all you’ll need to do is use your one PS2 or PS3 controller and your one Xbox One controller.

You could play PS3 games on your PS2 and PS 3, or on your Xbox One.

There’ll be different ways to play games.

So you’ll have more choices in terms of what games you want to play.

You’ve probably played games on Xbox 360 and PS 2 before, but what about on the new consoles?

It’ll feel like the new hardware.

Will PS4 games look as good on PS10 as they did on PS5?

Yes, but you’ll also see some things that you’d expect to see.

It will be the same quality as the PS2, the same graphical capabilities as the previous generation.

The way it looks will be exactly the same, but it’ll be more immersive.

We are still making PS4 better, but there’s definitely going to a big upgrade.

The hardware and the game will look the same.

The hardware is going from the same spec as the original console, to the new spec, to next-generation specs.

And that’s good.

What else is different?

We are continuing to build the PS Series for the next generation of consoles, and what we’re doing now is a huge part of that.

You will see some new features

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