The coolest things you’ll see in a Walmart lamp shades

The coolest thing you’ll find in a store’s new Walmart lampshades is not an Apple Watch, an Amazon Echo, or a new Samsung smartwatch, but a $150,000 LED lampshade.

Walmart has announced that they will be introducing its first LED lamp shades in 2018.

They’re called the Walmarts GlowLampShades, and they’re made of a high-tech LED material called a “light-sensitive polymer,” which the company says “reflects light and absorbs light.”

The Lumenos, meanwhile, use a similar material to make their own light-absorbing light-emitting diodes, which they sell as “high-performance dioders.”

The new Walmares GlowLamps will feature “unique technology,” such as “a small lamp shade with a unique LED pattern” and “a unique LED shade that emits light in a unique, directional fashion.”

Walmart says the new LumenOS will work with existing Walmart LED light bulbs.

You can see a video of the Lumenoses in action below.

The GlowLasts are $150 a pop, but they’re not cheap.

Walmart says they’ll come in three colors, and will cost you between $25 and $30.

You’ll also be able to order a set of four Lumenasts, which are the same color as the first one you buy, for $99 each.

The company says you’ll be able also to order two GlowLights, which you can add to your existing Walmart Lightbulbs, for between $30 and $35.

Walmart also says the Lumens are 100 percent battery-powered.

The Lumens have an LED-absorption rating of about 80 percent, and Walmart says you can expect up to three hours of battery life.

Walmart’s GlowLocks are also pretty nifty.

They’ll also look pretty cool in a dark room.

They work with all kinds of lighting, including wall-mounted lights, as well as dimmable lightbulbs and LED light strip fixtures.

Walmart will also be offering the Lumelocks in six sizes.

Walmart is also launching a new Lumens LED lamp kit, which will include six GlowLames, which is about half of what you’d get from the standard Lumenots.

It will cost $499 for six Lumenomes, and it will come with six Lumens bulbs, four of which are white and one of which is red.

Walmart claims that it’s designed to work with “an LED strip fixture, dimmer and light-controlling lighting, or even wall-mount lights.”

The LED Lumenotes will also come with the Lumena lights, which Walmart says are “light fixtures that can illuminate wall and ceiling lighting” and are “designed to create a powerful, safe and comfortable light environment.”

Walmart has also announced that the Lumene bulbs will be compatible with Walmart’s lighting and entertainment products, including a smartwatch that will let you see what’s on Walmart’s TVs, and an app that will show you what’s playing on Walmart TVs, as part of Walmart’s smart home initiative.

Walmart recently partnered with Sony to bring its Smart Home brand to its Lumenodes.

Walmart isn’t the only retailer with smart home technology on its shelves.

Best Buy announced last month that they’re adding smart home functionality to the shelves of all their stores.

Walmart said it will be making the Lumentos available at select stores in the coming weeks, but you’ll have to make your own purchases.

Walmart doesn’t have a release date yet for the Lumente lights, but the Luminate lights will be available starting in 2019.

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