Walmart Lamp Shades Are Made From Plastic, and they’re Vegan!

You can buy them in Walmart’s retail stores and online.

But how do they work?

The answer, according to the company, is with a process that is neither natural nor human-made.

The story behind the store’s plastic lamp shades is the inspiration behind the company’s website, which details how these shades are made.

In short, Walmart uses plastic.

And the process is called “polymerization,” which means it is “produced through the use of polymers” and is “not a physical process” according to Walmart.

Plastic polymers are found in a variety of products, such as shampoo, shampooing lotions, shampoo bottles, and even paper towels.

The process is not a natural process because it does not occur naturally.

So what happens to the polymers that are used in the process?

Walmart’s spokesperson, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told HuffPost that the company uses a combination of chemicals and synthetic additives to create these shades.

The company uses plastic, a plastic, to make the shades, but the process of polymerization itself is “natural,” according to its website.

Walmart uses a polymer that is “created by combining polymers to produce a new material,” according its spokesperson.

Walmart has used polymers for its store lighting since 2010.

Its current polymer, the lighter color called “PVC” has been around since the 1970s, according its website, and it has been used in many other products, including cosmetics and toys.

Walmart’s polymers, however, are made from petroleum, which is a fossil fuel.

The oil used to make Walmart polymers is not made from natural resources.

Walmart makes its plastic polymers by separating the polyvinyl chloride, a material that is also used to form plastics.

In the process, Walmart separates the polypropylene from the plastic.

The plastic polymer then gets heated to 1,500 degrees Celsius, creating a plastic film that is then combined with an alkaline polymer, which also happens to be petroleum, to form a new plastic.

It’s this polymer film that Walmart uses for its new shade, called “pink.”

Walmart’s packaging materials include a polyester fabric that Walmart calls “The Pink Fabric.”

Walmart says that “The pink fabric is our most eco-friendly packaging option.”

It also uses a polyethylene-coated fabric for the plastic, called the “pINK.”

Walmart uses “pinks” in its stores for its packaging because they are more eco-conscious.

The polyester film used to create Walmart’s new shade also has a green hue, but Walmart says this isn’t because it is greener than the plastic film.

It is because the “green color” of the “purple” film is “due to a mixture of green pigments that have a longer lasting, less volatile effect on the environment.”

Walmart has also used recycled polyester to create its lighting products.

It used this material to create the lighting products for its stores, and also used the same materials in the packaging for its products.

According to Walmart, the “brown polyester” is used for the “dark gray” and “yellow” lighting products, which are shades of blue and red.

Walmart also says that its lighting is more environmentally friendly than the other products it sells.

The lighting products used in its retail stores are also made from recycled materials.

For example, its “Lighting” line of light bulbs uses recycled wood pellets.

The pellets are made of recycled paper and plastic fibers.

Walmart is also using “eco-friendly” materials in its packaging to ensure that its products are recyclable.

Walmart says the packaging on its packaging, and on its products, is “made from recyclables,” but it also says “we make packaging with environmentally friendly materials to help us protect the environment and to minimize waste.”

Walmart is not the only company to use plastics for its lighting.

Other brands, including Lowe’s, and Whole Foods use polymers in their packaging.

Lowe’s uses recycled polyesters for its light bulbs, which it says “are eco-green.”

And Whole Foods uses recycled plastic in its products to make sure that their products are “green.”

So how can you tell if your product is made from plastic?

Walmart doesn’t specify if the products they sell use recycled plastic or not, but it does provide some guidelines for consumers.

“Avoiding plastic waste can mean avoiding the use and use of plastic items in a wide variety of ways,” the company states on its website when it comes to its packaging.

But you can tell if a product you are buying is made with plastics by looking at the product itself.

Walmart recommends that you check out its packaging before purchasing.

Walmart doesn

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