How to make a lamp that won’t kill you

Australia’s most popular and iconic lamp has become a hit on the world stage, but some people are worried it might not be safe to use.

Key points:The Australian-designed salt lamp is now one of the most expensive lamps on the marketA study found it is less likely to cause harm to the user than its more common competitorThe salt lamp, which costs about $300,000, has been named “the world’s most expensive” by the company responsible for making itKey points The lamp is currently sold in the US, Canada and the UKIt has been called a “toy” in Australia, and is considered to be safe for children and petsKey points A new study has found that the salt lamp has the highest chance of causing harm compared to its cheaper, more traditional competitorsA new study by the firm responsible for the lamp says the salt can cause the most harm compared with its cheaper competitorsThe Australian salt lamp was first introduced in the 1970s by Dr Alan Bevan and was named the world’s first salt lamp by Guinness World Records.

But the lamp was never marketed commercially in Australia.

It was also never marketed to children or pets.

Instead, the lamp is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and marketed as a fun and interactive toy.

Its popularity has led to it becoming a major brand in the world of electronics, and it has become an Australian trademark.

A recent study found the salt, which has a mercury content of up to 0.5 per cent, was “a good candidate” for a poison if taken with alcohol, or a mixture of alcohol and water.

“It’s also a very good candidate for a toxin if taken in excess, and a good candidate to cause poisoning,” the Australian Consumer Product Safety Commission (ACPCS) said in a statement.

“There’s no proven, safe, or non-toxic way to use this product.”

The company behind the salt is called Burtons.

Its product manager, Tim Bevan, said in an interview with The ABC he wanted to avoid the term “toxic” when talking about the salt because the term can be used in marketing and advertising.

“If you say ‘toxic’, it’s probably going to scare the pants off you, it’s going to make people think, ‘oh, no, I don’t want that’,” Mr Bevan said.

“But if you said ‘safe’ it’s like, ‘no, I want that’.”

So if you’re trying to sell a product, you can’t just say ‘it’s safe to do this’, you have to explain what the risks are.

“The ACPCS said it found the lamp had the lowest possible risk of causing toxicity, but that it did not have an exact number of cases of poisoning in Australia in recent years.”

In 2015, we found that approximately 0.8 per cent of our participants had ingested an alcohol-containing liquid with the salt,” the statement said.

It said it was still early days and it was unclear if the lamp’s popularity would continue.”

We do not yet have any information to suggest that salt lamp users are more likely to ingest more than a single drink of alcohol, which could be the case,” it said.

The ACSCS said the lamp, while still in development, could be made safe for use in the future.”

As a salt lamp continues to undergo scientific research, we will be keeping a close eye on its safety,” it added.

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