How to turn a wall lamp into a bedroom lamp

There’s nothing quite like turning a bedroom wall lamp onto a lamp that will make you feel like you’re in the same room as the characters on your TV show, but it’s not all about the sparkle and the nostalgia.

The DIY lighting tutorial has been a favorite of mine for years, and the process is much easier than you might think.

You just need to follow these three simple steps to get started.1.

Find a wall or ceiling lamp lamp.

If you’re looking for a wall and ceiling lamp, I suggest the T-shirt lamp.

It’s not too bulky and will give you a nice, low-key look for your room.

It has a low profile so it won’t distract from your TV.

If it’s a sofa lamp, you can probably find one that fits in your living room, but the T shirt lamp is probably best.2.

Find the correct size lamp head.

You may want to find out what size lamp you need to purchase.

I prefer a lamp head that is at least a quarter inch (10mm) taller than your room’s height.

For the Tshirt lamp, it should be at least 1 1/4 inches (4cm) taller.3.

Find an outlet.

You’ll need a socket for the outlet and a power cord.

You can also use a wall outlet to power the lamp, but you’ll probably need a plug-in cord.4.

Cut out the bulb.

The easiest way to get a bulb is to buy a bulb at a store that sells them.

They’ll cost about $1.50 each.

You won’t need any tools, but a couple of screws and a screwdriver are all you’ll need.5.

Use a power tool to bend the socket.

If the socket is too big, it’ll take longer to cut out.

I found the easiest way was to use a pair of pliers to cut a 3/4-inch (6cm) strip of tubing about half the size of the socket to make the plug.6.

Place the bulb head in the socket and pull it out of the wall.

Make sure the bulb is flush with the wall, but not over it.

If not, your bulb may be too large and you won’t be able to plug it into the wall outlet.7.

Insert the plug into the outlet, plug the socket into the bulb, and pull the plug out of both outlets.

Make note of the power cord and outlet plug.

You want to leave a little space between the bulb and the outlet plug so the plug won’t catch on the wall and cause a short circuit.8.

Put the plug in and turn it on.

If all goes well, the lamp should be on and you should see a light that glows in the dark.9.

Once you’re done, you’ll want to remove the bulb from the socket, plug it back in, and remove the plug from the outlet.

This will allow you to plug the lamp back in again.

The final step is to install the lamp.

You should be able do this by pushing the lamp into the socket using a pair or so of plies, then pulling the lamp out with a screw driver.

You’re going to need to use the power from the outlets you just plugged in as well.

You don’t need to plug anything into the lamp itself, but make sure it’s plugged in correctly.

You’re almost done, but there’s one last thing to do: make sure the lamp’s lamp head is facing the correct direction.

If your lamp has a lamp shade, it will be facing the right direction.

It will be pointing down when it’s facing up, and it will not be facing any other way.

Make a note of that so you don’t make a mistake on the next step.

Now that you have your lamp, your room will look like this:Your new lamp looks like this, and your TV shows will look just as awesome.

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