IKEA lamp shades for the serious DIYer

IKEa lamp shade for the seriously DIYer, or as I like to call it, a IKEAS light bulb, comes in a range of shades, from bright and vibrant to muted and neutral.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles, including the iconic classic IKEas light bulb shades, the more contemporary “lightbulb” shades, and the lightbulb light, as well as a more affordable “pink bulb” shade.

If you want to make your own, the shade options range from “regular” and “dark,” to “pinky” and the “pale yellow.” 

IKEA says that you can pick out from around 200 shades.

Each shade comes in different sizes, and can be ordered in either regular or pink or pale yellow. 

You can get these light bulbs in various shapes and colors, and they’re not as big of a hit with kids, though IKEAs own brand of light bulbs are aimed at a younger audience.

They’re also a bit cheaper than IKEs other brands. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable, you can also buy the “standard” version of the light bulb that comes with the lamp shade, or a “battery” version, which is essentially the same as the standard version but has the battery pack removed.

You’ll get the same shade as the regular version, but the battery will last longer and last longer.

IKE’s battery lightbulbs are also available in a few different colors, though the colors are less saturated. 

I love that the IKE lightbulbeasts come in different shades and are all in varying sizes, which makes it easy to figure out which shade is best for you.

You just need to make sure the shade you choose is the one you’ll want to wear.

 If I wanted to make the perfect light bulb shade, I would order a regular and a battery light bulb in both pink and pale yellow, but IKE said you can get those in different colors as well.

You could also opt for a “pandemic” or “light bulb” light bulb with a purple or pink shade, which has a slightly cooler, warmer tone to it, but with a brighter, more intense color. 

To add some extra depth to your look, IKE also offers a light bulb shaped as a star and a light bulbs shaped like an egg.

If I wanted something a little more vibrant and more intense, I could order the “egg light bulb” and then mix the two together to create the “star light bulb.”

If you want more versatility, you could also choose from the “black light bulb,” which comes with a “black” shade and a “white” shade, and then order the black light bulb for the “white light bulb.”

If you wanted to create a more intense light bulb like the “lamp” shade that comes in both regular and pink or a pale yellow light bulb light bulb and then add some purple or purple-pink to it to create your own “panda light bulb”, IKE would love to hear about it, and you can reach out to them through their contact form.

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