Man who bought Redstone lamp story lamp goes on trial

A Texas man who bought a story lamp from a Redstone company has been sentenced to six years in prison for violating a state health care law banning people from using personal care products that are made with human skin.

Christopher James Corder, 31, of Fort Worth, bought the lamp from the company for $20 in November 2013.

He pleaded guilty in October and agreed to serve five years in jail.

Corder told a judge he didn’t know the lamp had any human skin, but that the skin could have come from his mother.

His mother died of breast cancer in 2012, and his father died of a stroke a few months later.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) issued a rule banning products made with the skin of a living person in 2011, but Corder was the first person in Texas to be convicted of violating the law.

The rule was meant to keep people from making products with human skins because they could be contaminated with the virus.

The rule does not ban the use of human skin products, including lamps made with Redstone, which is a family brand of Redstone.

Cordelia Corder bought the Redstone story lamp for Christmas in February 2013, according to court documents.

She told a DSHS investigator that she had previously used the lamp for cooking and that it looked like her mother’s and had a red color.

Corders attorney, Michael B. Williams, told the court the lamp was not intended to be used for personal care.

Williams said Corder had been using the lamp as a Christmas present.

He said the lamp would never have come into contact with his mother’s body.

Williams said Corders mother had suffered from breast cancer and died of the disease in 2012.

Williams added that Corder hadn’t been using it for personal use.

Williams argued that Corders actions didn’t meet the legal definition of a “home use” product because it had no skin on it.

The judge agreed and ordered Corder to serve the six years for violation of the state health law.CORDELIA CORDELIE DEJANE CORDARIA CORTELIA DEJANETTE CORTESVILLE, Fla.

(AP) A woman who bought and used a Redstones lamp story on Christmas night has been convicted of using it in violation of a state law banning personal care product made with live human skin and violating the same law against the use by someone with a medical condition.

Christopher Christopher James Cordeley, 31 was sentenced Wednesday to six-and-a-half years in federal prison for his crimes, according the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Cordeley was a licensed home health aide with the state Department of Health Services, but he had been allowed to make the product because he was allowed to sell it to others without a license, according a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Florida.

Cords attorney said his client had been making the lamp since February 2013 and that he had never used it to make any personal care item.

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