A mysterious Crystal Lamp Lady is the only thing keeping you sane!

Posted February 16, 2018 11:14:52A mystery stranger is keeping you awake, laughing, and talking at night.

But the Crystal Lamp lady may be a bit of a weirdo.

A Reddit user with the handle “jameshankys,” who has been posting regularly since early January, has been keeping a record of his adventures, and he’s now adding a new character to the mix.

According to the thread, James is an 18-year-old college student from San Diego who “wants to be a detective and find out how to do a little more of the paranormal.”

He says that he has a crush on a young woman named Crystal who “is not afraid to make weird noises, but not so much weird things as to make creepy noises.

She loves creepy movies and weird TV.”

According to the account, he’s been “watching her weird noises and creepy TV” for weeks, and has recently been looking into whether he should go and see a movie.

“She is really cool and is a great person and I would like to see her a lot, but at the same time, I am curious about the paranormal and what she does,” he wrote.

When he finally meets Crystal, he asks her to sit on his lap and he’ll try to figure out whether she’s talking to him or not.

He also says that she’s very “smart” and “really enjoys her job.”

James also tells him that she can be “super annoying sometimes,” and that she might be “a bit crazy.”

“The problem is that if you try to talk to her, she’ll probably start talking to you and it’s just annoying,” he writes.

“Plus, if you do that, she might get mad and start yelling and running around.

That would be a real bummer.”

He concludes with a warning to his “best friends” that he’s “going to be the most annoying person in the world” and he has no “good” way to talk about it.

“So if you can’t tell me to go to sleep, and you don’t want to be annoying, just tell me,” he concludes.

“Then we can talk about the things we do.”

James’ post garnered more than 4,300 comments in less than 24 hours.

The only people who disagreed were a couple of Reddit users who called the post “creepy” and someone who said that “he was making a mockery of himself” for being such a weird guy.

“Just keep doing your job, buddy, you’re going to be an excellent detective,” one user said.

“You’re a smart guy.”

James has since deleted his post, but the “crystal” name has remained.

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