Torchiere light fixture, bathroom heater lamp, toilet fan set for sale

Updated July 19, 2018 17:13:18 The light fixture from Torchieres lampara is set to sell for more than $600,000 at auction.

Photo: Supplied The light fixture is one of a number of items in the Torchieret’s house and will be sold for $600 per unit.

The item is part of a collection of lamps and light fixtures that includes a toilet fan, water heater, lampara, bathtub heater, showerhead and a lighting cabinet.

It is also part of the collection of Torchierethos light fixtures, which were sold last year for $1.6 million.

Torchieretho is an independent Australian business that specialises in home-related products.

Its owners, Peter and Debbie Torchierea, bought the lampara in 2013 and it is one in a collection that has been sold by the Torcheretho family over the past 12 years.

They were looking for a way to improve their property in West Torchere, about 120 kilometres north of Melbourne, and found a good home in the small suburb of East Torcherie.

“We wanted something that was easy to set up and that was good for the environment,” said Debbie Torcherea.

As the home’s size made the lampria more difficult to set, they wanted something with minimal maintenance.

Debbie Torchererre said they were looking to refurbish the lampora but found the prices of the lamps at auction were too high.

One of the most popular items in Torchierie was a light fixture that was originally bought in 1996 by the family.

That light fixture has been kept in the family home for more years than it has been put to use.

In 2008, the family purchased a second lampara and the light fixture continues to work as a fixture today.

There are a few other lamps and other items that are part of Torcheret’s collection that are still in use.

The lampara has also been used as a bathroom heater for a number years.

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