‘Star Wars’ lamp store sells out for second year in a row

In the last two years, Star Wars lamps have become the most popular items in the Indian market, a trend that has left the Indian brand looking set to be overtaken by its rival, Sunglass Hut.

Lamps from both companies have made up the bulk of the Indian consumer’s outdoor lighting needs over the last few years.

But as the industry has grown, the market for SunglassHuts has been on the decline, with the brand now being largely ignored by consumers.

“We are happy to announce that our brand will soon be back on the market.

We are happy that the market has not gone back to the previous level of over 60% growth.

We have to do our best to keep pace with the growing demand,” said Sunil Kumar, president, SunglassesHut Pvt.

Ltd, in an interview to ET.

“As per our projections, we have to keep up with the rising demand,” he added.

The growth of outdoor lighting is due to a slew of factors, including the increasing number of people who want to enjoy a nice outdoor environment, Kumar said.

“There are several factors that are pushing people to outdoor lighting.

There is the desire for privacy, and the need for a space that is more quiet and that can be used without interference,” he said.

For Sunglasses Hut, there is also a need to attract more customers.

“The demand for outdoor lighting has been growing, and it is expected to continue to grow.

It is a matter of keeping up with it,” Kumar said, adding that the company is working hard to create the right environment for the customers, adding, “We are working on creating the right atmosphere for the consumers.”

Sunil Kumar is the president of Sunglasses Huts Pvt Ltd.

He says the demand for the brand has grown due to its eco-friendly design and the fact that the lamps are easy to carry.

“I have noticed that the demand has increased for the lamps.

We want to cater to all the customers.

If we can cater to the people who are looking for a stylish indoor lighting, we can achieve the goal,” he told ET.

Lampstore.com reports that the Sunglasses brand has been in the market since 2009.

It started selling outdoor lighting lamps in 2008.

But the brand went into decline during the current year, when it sold fewer than 2,000 lamps in its retail space.

Sunil and his team started the brand’s first outlet in Bengaluru in 2012.

Sunil says the company plans to keep the brand alive, adding: “We have started to build a brand, so we will continue to sell lamps in our retail outlet and online store.”

He said the company would also open more outlets in the future.

Sunl Kumar said the brand is still planning to open more stores in the near future.

“When we open more locations, we will start expanding the brand.

We plan to expand the brand with new locations and we will expand our footprint in cities like Delhi and Bengaluru,” he says.”

If we can keep up the growth of the brand, we are sure to be in the top 10 in terms of number of locations,” he adds.

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